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For over two decades, techline has brought quality furniture and cabinetry systems to the greater Fox Valley and the nation from its Appleton, Wisconsin based headquarters. But techline is more than
"just furniture," we offer first rate design consultation, CAD room planning, superior installation practices and creative, insightful customer service.
Techline Online, Appleton WI is a leading manufacturer of home, business office furniture and storage systems
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Fashion Meets Function
techline precision furniture and cabinetry systems are more than functional, they're fashionable. Our design team blends architectural lines with accent materials including fabric, aluminum and glass to produce structures that are beautiful additions to homes and offices.

Quality Guaranteed
techline products are durable, interchangeable and available in colors that mix and match like no other. Our production facility located just north of Madison, Wisconsin, manufactures each system component to exceed our stringent quality control process. That's why we're confident in pledging our guarantee of quality: It is our promise that we will replace any component which shows a defect in materials or workmanship during the first five years of ownership.
Techline Timeline and History
techline has a history as rich and diverse as the products we sell.
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